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The Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group (DTTAG) was established in 2004 under a license from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and is currently managed by a nine-member Executive Committee consisting of senior management professionals of prominent Travel agencies in Dubai.


DTTAG’s mission is to equip its members to achieve excellence in travel and tourism services, maintaining service standards and always surpassing the expectations of its customers. DTTAG is committed to managing the growth and development of the Dubai Travel and Tourism sector through its members and has a laid-out constitution in this regard.


DTTAG aims to ensure that the interests of the travel agency community are represented with airlines, IATA, hotels, other suppliers, and also with government bodies such as Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), Dubai Chamber of Commerce Industry (DCCI), Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and Dubai Economic Department (DED), to support its members, the travelling public and the travel agency community in general.


DTTAG executive committee is actively involved in several industry verticals, thus its focus is to promote those effectively and connect the members with opportunities in Airline Ticketing, Outbound Tourism, Inbound Tourism, Domestic Tours and MICE, etc.


To promote and foster cooperation, understanding, and goodwill between members of the travel trade within and outside the area of the group.


To act as a negotiating body for members of the group or with the approval of the group, and to make recommendations to the relevant government authorities, airlines, hotels, or other bodies on matters pertaining to the trade.


To serve or assist and advise any local or international travel-related organizations in connection with travel matters.


To acquaint travelers with the services that DTTAG members can provide with a view of establishing that Association membership is a guarantee of professionalism.


VISION: To be a leading business group, empowering our members towards professional growth, development and profitability.

MISSION: Our Mission is to equip our members to be world-class in travel and tourism services, always surpassing the expectations of our customers. DTTAG is committed to managing the growth and development of travel and Tourism services through its members.

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