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The purpose of Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group is to assist its members in the growth and increased profitability of their companies. It follows the following Code of Ethics.


  • DTTAG requires all members to exercise the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and fairness in all transactions and relationships. Failure to adhere to these principles may subject a member to actions as per DTTAG laws.


  • All DTTAG members shall provide correct and accurate information with regard to their purchasing requirements, volume, products, and the services of firms they represent. They will not use deceptive practices, either amongst themselves, their competitors, or their customers.


  • DTTAG members will not misrepresent the nature of DTTAG or the nature of their relationship with another DTTAG member.


  • DTTAG members will not share confidential information obtained from other DTTAG members with non-DTTAG personnel or companies.


  • DTTAG members will treat preferred vendor agreements and solicited proposals confidentially and not disclose any information without consent on behalf of the information provider.


  • No preferred relationships with a supplier by a DTTAG member will be allowed to interfere with the interests of their clients or company. DTTAG members will also not offer or accept any gift or favour that may influence decisions or actions.


  • DTTAG members shall abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws & regulations. They will not attempt to influence others to violate these same tenets on their behalf.


  • DTTAG members will not take part in any activity that will be injurious or damaging to DTTAG or any of its members.

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